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Vow Renewal
oleh Theresa D Wedding Celebrant

Diperbarui pada 30 Januari 2018, Dubai

It was a very small and intimate Vow Renewal for a couple who flew in from California to renew their vows. In fact, although they have only been married 6 years, its their 26th Vow Renewal! They just love to renew their love for each other! The venue was the stunning Al Maha Luxury Desert Resort about 100km from Dubai. It was set on a dune overlooking the desert, the set up was complete with rich Persian Carpets on the sand, and 6 chairs for their special guests. We watched the sun slink down the horizon, and the magic of the desert just wrapped over us! Dinner was a typical Arabic set up in a secluded spot behind some dunes, and the group enjoyed the splendor of the Arabian Desert.

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