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Nicholas & Li Ting // ferrari // aerial filming // 2-day wedding lunch // next day edit express highlight by Teck Kuan // 2016
oleh The Next Chapter Film

Diperbarui pada 13 November 2017, Singapore

//’meepok’ vs fettucine, ferrari vs lamborghini\\ Nicholas is someone who likes super cars, collect watches and coffee shop food, one who values luxurious collectibles. Li Ting is someone who likes good food, values intimate connections with her loved ones and loves her bubble teas. Both of them lead different lifestyles, yet it's through their different personalities, they find strength in each other and decide to enter this lifelong commitment. Through Nicholas' tears as Li Ting's parents entrust their precious daughter with him, we, as content creators, know this love is here to stay. Congratulations to Nicholas and Li Ting as you embark on your next chapter together as one! Whether it's 'meepok' or fettucine, they both taste awesome with the right culinary masters! May you continue to enjoy 'meepok' and fettucine together, experimenting different ways of enjoying your noodles. Filmed by Teck Kuan and Deryck (The Next Chapter Film) Edited by Teck Kuan Photographed by Kok Chin (KC Photoworks) Gowns and suit by Whitelink, Khng by Kenji Hair and make-up by Whitelink

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