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Alphonsus & Claire // wedding engagement // surprise proposal // aerial filming // proposal highlight by Teck Kuan // 2016
oleh The Next Chapter Film

Diperbarui pada 13 November 2017, Singapore

//ave maria\\ Alphonsus and Claire were almost 2 years into their relationship. They were looking at getting a new house; they were planning at getting married. But Alphonsus hasn't proposed. They wanted to do away with the wedding engagement to save up for the wedding, however, Alphonsus didn't feel comfortable without the proposal, he didn't want to shortchange the love of his life. Hence, he decided to plan a simple proposal for Claire, with just some of their closest friends. He sat down with friends of theirs and brainstormed on how he should propose. "Ave Maria" is Claire's favourite song, there's no better way to propose to the love of his life with her favourite song, a DIY arch and many many personalised decorations. Catholic Spirituality Centre was the place they met, there's no more meaningful place Alphonsus could pop the question. Stay tuned for their wedding highlight video as we will share the video soon. Filmed by Teck Kuan and Deryck from The Next Chapter Film Edited by Teck Kuan from The Next Chapter Ffilm Venue at Catholic Spirituality Centre

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