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Andrew and Mylene Post wedding
oleh The Gallery Photo

Diperbarui pada 08 November 2017, Tokyo

Every time I go back to Japan, I always experience something new and exciting. But this time I have learned a lot of things about myself and being a wedding photographer. Almost all photographers have their own share of stories of how memorable or how challenging their shoot is. I may have more than a few stories to tell but this particular session I could say is clearly the most unforgettable and hauntingly challenging. Hahaha! (Emphasis on the word “hauntingly”) This shoot had three hurdles. First. It started with the bad weather, any photographer knows how hard it is to shoot in a rainy condition. Usually the schedule is moved if the weather is unfavorable but for destination shoots it’s not that easy to move dates due to the availability of both me and the couple. Second. Due to my confidence in my equipment. I totally forgot the difference between “weather sealed” and “water proof” (hahahaha). If your “weather sealed” camera is totally drenched like you dipped it in a bucket of water the probability of it malfunctioning is high. Third and the most memorable one: Being reprimanded by the cops. Crossing a fence may cause you trouble, more than you can imagine. Hahahaha! Having said all that, these experiences taught me a lot. Andrew and Mylene were such a nice couple and both of them are naturals in front of the camera. With everything that happened that day it was definitely an unforgettable experience for all of us.:)

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