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Riza Imperial
oleh The Architect PH

Diperbarui pada 21 Oktober 2019, Metro Manila

You will be forgiven for calling the photos, either manipulated or claiming that it's a different person due to the tremendous amount of transformation being shown in the before and after photos. Luckily for us, markers are still there such as the structure of Riza's midsection on her front view photo which would prove that both before and after are the same person. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, we just want to congratulate Riza as yesterday was her wedding day and we're quite certain that it was a blast! Riza consistently produced results, month after month despite some instances of non-compliance, we made it. 42 lbs, and inches of waist shed later, here we are with Riza's graduation. She started this journey with us for her wedding and I do believe that we were able to exceed expectations. How many of you could have imagined seeing the silhouette of your abs after years of being overweight or removing 42 lbs with barely any sign of loose skin from either front or side view? You see that's the beauty of it when you do it right. Visual changes are at an optimum, energy levels are sufficient all throughout and mood is more or less untouched not to mention, hunger was never an issue. Oh before we forget, She was able to achieve ALL of this WITHOUT going to the gym. In our almost 3 years of operations, this is probably the MOST memorable one for us. Week after week of follow ups and encouragements(to avoid cheats) proved to be well worth it. It took quite a bit more time than expected but like we always say, it's not as to how fast you lose the weight, but as to how long you could sustain it.

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