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Red Angeles and Yvette Escabel
oleh The Architect PH

Diperbarui pada 21 Oktober 2019, Metro Manila

I could vividly remember it was July 2018, and I just woke up from an apparent 12 hour sleep in my rented apartment in Vietnam. I was bombarded by over 60+ unread messages on our FB page with approximately 2 minutes intervals each. I didn't know what was going on back then as these people all seem to be soon-to-weds. I did what anyone with basic logical reasoning would do, ask. As soon as I asked, it became apparent that this rush of inquiries was due to the fact that Red posted his transformation somewhere to which a lot of soon-to-weds saw. The experience was quite life-changing and it led to a lot more of our other client features, some of which are also posted on this website. A year after their wedding, Red reconnected with us but this time with his wife Yvette. I have also attached Yvette's transformation(post wedding) as a bonus!

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