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Kristel Balanag
oleh The Architect PH

Diperbarui pada 21 Oktober 2019, Metro Manila

Don’t let the duration of our engagement fool you though as Ktel was on and off with the program. Her total time engaged with my services is a total of 5 months and while the first 3 months were more or less yoyo months due to her inability to comply because of various factors, she was able to redeem herself during our final 2 months leading up to her wedding. Ktel was my team lead during my time as an IT professional under Hewlett Packard Enterprise(HPE) although she was my superior, we more or less interact as peers. I have nothing but respect for Ktel and her work ethic and so I never doubted her ability to stick to the plan. It was just unfortunate during her first few months that due to work engagements and wedding preparations she had to abruptly stop or adjust the plan. But as you can see, her determination was there all throughout as seen in her transformation photo.

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