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Karl Salvador
oleh The Architect PH

Diperbarui pada 21 Oktober 2019, tarlac

One of the best things about being a coach is the actual friendship that you get to build with your clients as this bond will multiply your effectiveness by several times higher not to mention, it will make the whole process a whole lot more rewarding for both the client and yourself. Karl Salvador and Honey Mabalot-Salvador are one of our memorable clients for 2018. As soon as their family members saw their transformation, Honey's siblings quickly joined the team. All of their body transformations were featured too in both our FB Page as well as our website. To be personally tasked with something as important as Karl's fitness program for this very special occasion is truly a humbling experience. To say that the pressure is real is quite an understatement! I can still remember the long drive from Manila to Tarlac as I try to make it in time for their Church Ceremony and as I saw Karl and Honey walk through the aisle with their well-fitted suit and gown, it definitely cleared my body from any exhaustion I felt from the long drive. It also reminded me as to why we do what we do. Being able to join your clients in one of the more memorable times of their life is without a doubt, rewarding. I can vividly remember the first time Karl messaged us informing us of his weight issues and the challenge of fitting into his suit and removing his tummy come his wedding day. To see him finally be able to do all of that and to celebrate it with him on his very special day is truly something unforgettable. I wasn't just another spectator in a wedding. I am a friend and more than that, I believe I gained a new family(third photo is of myself and the Mabalot siblings with Jhel and Karl, all of whom were enrolled under The Architect PH). We're not just about results, we help create beautiful memories.

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