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Wedding at Soori Bali
oleh Soori Bali

Diperbarui pada 20 Juni 2019, Tabanan

Soori Bali is a hidden refuge that draws strength and serenity from its extraordinary surroundings, where you can restore and rejuvenate the human spirit amid the beauty, warmth and rich culture of Bali. Surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage protected rice fields, guests can experience the ultimate in personalized service, the luxury of space and the energizing elements of the unique volcanic sand which defines this incredible coastline. Begin this new chapter of your life and love together in the most enchanting way at Soori Bali. We offer a diverse range of magnificent wedding venues to cater to your special occasion, whether an intimate family celebration or a gala gathering. Exchange your vows at our Beach Lawn along the seashore, or at our unparalleled 10-bedroom Soori Estate, framed by panoramic ocean views as Bali’s beautiful sunset adds an element of tropical splendor to your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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