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Romantic light pink wedding
oleh Sogni Confettati

Diperbarui pada 28 September 2017, Meina

The romantic light pink wedding features both classical and romantic choices in the flowers and colors: peonies, roses and gypsophila; white and pink. The chic allure is the choice not to overdo it with pink, combining it, in addition to white, with an elegant pearl gray; Moreover, the choice of using many glitter to remember the glint of the lake in summer. This wedding took place at the beginning of summer on the lake. The Church was organized in a very romantic way: candles, pink roses and gypsophila. The pure white with touches of pink were the absolute protagonists. The Church is very beautiful, adjacent to a castle, and to reach it you must travel a long staircase paved leading to the entrance of the church that overlooks a green lawn. The columns of the entrance have been enhanced by two large white imperial pots filled with pink roses and gypsophila. It was decided to use a runner white, white tulle, gypsophila white and pink roses, in addition to white candles. The benches of the church have been enriched by huge flakes of white tulle and bunches of gypsophila tied with pink bows. For the chairs of the couple and the kneeler it has again opted for white. The balustrades of the church were lit by a glass cylinder filled with white candles and enriched with a garland of pink roses and white tulle. Pink roses, gypsophila and the white candles were the protagonists of flower arrangements made for the table of the altar and the tabernacle. The bride chose to wear a dress, made by a tailor especially for her, organza white with gray pearl and a myriad of glitter to decorate the bodice, matching a tiara with rhinestones and glitter small earlobes. On leaving the church, the newlyweds were greeted with an auspicious launch of the rice, which had been placed in cones white embellished with a bow pearl gray with small diamond. The cones were placed in a white wicker basket, on a table covered with white organza and with a few flakes of pink tulle at the entrance of the church, along with another white wicker basket containing the largest white flakes to give the guests for the procession with the cars. The cone of rice has wanted to be in that ring connection between the Church and the reception, introducing two new elements: the gray pearl and glitter that were in line with the bride's dress. The reception was held by the lake and the reflections of the lake on a beautiful sunny day I was inspired to put many small rhinestones. The reception was set up so romantic chic: for centerpieces were used the romantic pink peonies with rose petals; the chic touch was given by a myriad of glitter: the tableau, the table number and the placeholder. The reception by the lake is a blend of pink, gray pearl and glitter. The choice of pink,moreover,is well married with the external structure of the restaurant, as the outer walls which gave the garden were pink. The children's table was decorated with bottles of soap bubbles and a jar full of colored lollipops

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Invitations : Sogni Confettati
  • Venue : Ristorante Antico Verbano
  • Catering : Ristorante Antico Verbano
  • Wedding Cake : Ristorante Antico Verbano
  • Favors & Gifts : Sogni Confettati
  • Flowers : Sogni Confettati
  • Wedding Planning : Sogni Confettati , Sogni Confettati
  • Boutonnieres & Corsages : Sogni Confettati

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