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oleh Silver Point

Diperbarui pada 26 Agustus 2016, Bandung

Who ever thought that this comedian was dared to step into a marriage although a relationship dating just last for 4 months? This was triggered by a belief in true love of Uus to Tika, so there was no reason to delay this good intention. The couple decided to get married on March 19, 2016 and they called “19 MARRIED”. The wedding party was prepared for a month only. Tika and Uus is a unique partner we've ever met. Tika is energetic and fierce, while Uus is very humorous making them complete each other. Differences in their character influenced of wedding dream concept respectively. Tika wanted a romantic wedding, while Uus wanted an elegant wedding. Because of the density activity, Tika and Uus relied on Ghaisaniyara Wedding to help all the wedding preparations. Starting from the pre-wedding concept, wedding concept, venue selection, vendors selection, until to the content of the celebration. Uus proposed to Tika with the ship's captain costume and Uus always voiced "BERLABUH" as a term to build a "BAHTERA", then the Ghaisaniyara Wedding inspired to define the concept of a large wedding with the theme TIKAUUSBERLABUH. This wedding was held at Hotel Malaka Bandung, with a semi-outdoor concept and that was supported by the cool air of Bandung and was added to the appeal of this celebration too. There were about 600 invitations and divided into two sessions and the concept of mingle making the wedding Tika and Uus more intimated. Nautical themed decor complete with various elements of the sea makes this marriage seem elegant and thematic. To maintain the romantic feel desired by Tika, decoration is added with a bouquet of flowers in pastel shades. Spotlights and a cascade of light bulbs were added to the impression of glamour wedding. Beside that, to reinforce the theme of the wedding, Tika wore pink dress with flowers detail and Uus wore pink suit completed with hat like a ship captain. The wedding party was more interesting with the concept of bride entrance by using the fireworks. Not only the decoration that supported the theme of the wedding, but also the costumes used by the band player, receptionist, and the DJ. Guests used the dress code has also added the perfection of marriage of Tika and Uus. To create a unique and memorable wedding, it was not depending upon how long the preparations are done, but relying on a great concept and support from the vendor.

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