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Graceful Chic
oleh Shleifdress

Diperbarui pada 21 Mei 2020, Palma

Graceful Chic wedding dress for those who easily relate to the wedding and who care about the fancy outfits. But at the same time, everyone will understand that today is a special day for her! Minimalist, yet striking in its simplicity and distinctive dress. A deep cut on the skirt opens the leg when walking, and a small train behind lengthens the figure, while being comfortable to wear. The dress beautifully emphasizes the figure and can be worn, both with and without top – so at least two complete images of the bride during the wedding are guaranteed! The top is made of a stylish macramé and may fasten on a neck. The front and the back of the dress are styled with handmade buttons. The basis is a light off-white fabric, macrame, double lining, hidden zipper back.

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