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oleh shairah shazana

Diperbarui pada 07 Maret 2018, Singapore

We’ve been busy with wedding and event customers and one of the most popular color of flowers that we see used a lot: blush flowers and glam glittered wedding dress. BLUSH & BLOOM is such a beautiful and subtle color. It can range from almost white to a very light pink. The soft and subdued nature of this color is no wonder why it’s such a popular choice to use in weddings. The pale color sets the blooms apart from a bridal gown, but isn’t too overpowering as to overshadow it! GLITZ & GLAM : Be fashion forward with one of these statement sparkling wedding dresses. It is you're wedding, take this golden opportunity to be over the top and be the STAR wearing an extravagant full glittered dress.

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