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Unconventional wedding party in Paris
oleh Sandra Åberg Photography

Diperbarui pada 27 Maret 2019, Paris

oleh: Xenia Motif Creative Studio

Marilyn and Victor's wedding was in no regard usual. Marilyn is from the US, and Victor grew up in Paris, while the two met on one serendipitous night in a London pub, and never parted since. They wanted to make their wedding meaningful and truly reflective of their personalities and relationship and history, and the first in a line of celebrations was scheduled in Paris, the city they both tremendously love and visit frequently. Growing up in 7-eme arrondissement, Victor knew that they have to get married in the town hall of that district, especially with it being so close to the Eiffel Tower — Marilyn's favourite place in the city. And it worked out perfectly! Marilyn wore an amazing Hermione de Paula gown — hand-embroidered and subtle, in light blush, gold, and tan, with green accents, to be in line with the overall decoration of the day. The evening was marked by a gathering at a very unique venue — an old cardboard factory turned a loft event space. Decorated with garden roses and lots of greenery, the setting was organic, reminiscent of autumn garden blooms, at the same time, giving way to the venue itself to shine properly with its vintage props, glasshouse ceiling, and incredible wood.

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