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Lighthearted Lisa Mona s true story
oleh Sandra Åberg Photography

Diperbarui pada 03 September 2017, Florence (Toscana)

oleh: A Very Beloved Wedding

This love story between Lisa and Francesco is inspired on their story and love for Florence. Getting engaged and married in Florence is embracing the colors of the city, it´s Renaissance and artful history. Inspired on Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, with the bridal shoot we portrayed a lighthearted, joyful and still enigmatic woman in Florence, who found her true love and bonding experience with her husband to be. This story is a visual representation of what happiness means and an illusion that seduces us to become part of Lisa’s and Francesco’s story. Our story`s keywords are: lighthearted, joyful, enigmatic, seduction, illusion, monumental, expressive, life changing, intriguing, artful, feminine, bonding, mysterious

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