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Endless Dream Styled Shoot
oleh Sandra Åberg Photography

Diperbarui pada 31 Oktober 2017, Phuket

oleh: The Wedding Bliss Thailand

As much as we loved our tropical fairytale on the Day 1 of “A Touch of Fashion” workshop with Sandra Aberg, we couldn’t wait until Day 2, as this was meant to be a masterpiece, a pearl, a new and fresh approach to the wedding photography styling. 

With its incredible views, Phuket is a home for dozens of luxury private villas, many of them being a popular venue for destination weddings. However, looking for a place to host our workshop we wanted something truly fresh and remarkable, and this is how we found Ocean’s 11 Villa in Yamu estate on Phuket’s east coast. The villa is nothing short of a dream: spacious, tastefully designed rooms, vast terraced territory, beach access, amazing pool and even more fantastic decorative shallow pool at the top level simply took our breath away. With its stunning views of the bay and clean, almost minimalistic design it inspired us for this “Endless Dream” styled shoot. At the first glance of the villa, we envisioned the ceremony to be in the shallow pool: dreamy, fantasy-like picture. 

In pursuit of a whimsical but classy setting, we took white as a color basis. It helped to create a fresh and crisp look, and to make it more elaborate and luxurious; we went for a grand semi-circle orchid flower arrangement floating in the shallow pool. We were also honored to have Yolan Cris as our sponsor and partner for this shooting. Their ethereal Industrial Dress from new Boho Folk Bridal Collection flew all the way from Barcelona to Phuket and made our bride look absolutely gorgeous. When she first stepped into the water, and the lace floated on the water surface, everyone around holds their breath, and we could only hear clicks of the cameras around. In the middle of the ceremony shooting, a storm came in colors changed instantly, from bright azure to deep steel-blue, the wind stroke, and as Sandra said later, she wished right at this moment for it to be a real wedding, to embrace everything that the day has prepared for you. Some might say that rainy weather is not what you wish for on your wedding day, but together with that, you get to see the power of nature and live through the beautiful moments.

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Fotografi : Sandra Åberg Photography
  • Gaun & Busana Pengantin : Yolan Cris
  • Bunga : IAMFLOWER
  • Wedding Planner : The Wedding Bliss Thailand , The Wedding Bliss Thailand
  • Hair & Makeup : Top Makeup Phuket
  • Aksesori Pernikahan : janniebaltzer
  • Sweet Corner : Joob Joob Designer Cupcakes

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