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Save Your Skin Beauty Talk
oleh Salsa Beauty Centre

Diperbarui pada 23 Mei 2018, Surabaya

Back at December 2017, Salsa Beauty Centre celebrating our glorious 8th Birthday by helding a Beauty Talk Show with our loyal customers and Surabaya Beauty Blogger as a guest We brought "Save Your Skin" as our theme to remind the young ladies that it is necessary to prevent early aging since our young age In this beauty talk, we present our doctor to explain about early-aging skin condition and what should we do in our daily skin care routine. We also had our professional therapist who give step-by-step facial massage demo that we can do by ourself at home

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Photography : Good Night Gang
  • Favors & Gifts : La Cherie Jewellery
  • Health & Beauty : Salsa Beauty Centre

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