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South Sea Pearl
oleh Rosario Mutiara

Diperbarui pada 28 November 2022, Jakarta Pusat

South Sea Pearl Jewelry All of our pearls are 100% Authentic, Natural Color and Graded professionally by experts whilst following International Standard Quality. Simple guide to buy pearl is 5S: 1. Surface The cleaner the surface of pearl means the higher grade. From the highest quality TOP (>90% clean), AAA (80-90% clean), AAA- (70-80% clean), AA (60-70% clean), AA- (50-60% clean), A (<50% clean) 2. Shine The lustre of pearl can be divided to: Mirror-like, Excellent, Very good, Good, and Poor. 3. Size It takes considerable amount of time to form bigger pearl, thus the bigger it is the more expensive. The common size is 8mm-14mm, whilst 15mm above are considered rare. 4. Shape Pearl’s shape vary from round, near round, oval, drop, button, semi-baroque, baroque. The most sought after shape is Round thus making it higher value than any other shape. But dont be mistaken, some unique and rare shape such as perfect drop or object-shaped baroque can fetch higher price. 5. Shade/Color There are 3 basic color of the pearl: White, Gold, and Black But each color has many overtones, for example White can be categorized to white pinkish, white greenish, creme, silver, etc Gold can be categorized to royal gold, medium gold, light gold, champagne, pistachio gold, etc Black can be categorized to peacock, light green, dark blue, light blue, aubergine, jetblack, silver, etc

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