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Pearl Farm
oleh Rosario Mutiara

Diperbarui pada 26 Oktober 2020, Maluku

This is where the Life of Pearl start... Pinctada Maxima is the oyster species that produce South Sea Pearls. From baby oyster to ready-to-seed oyster takes 2 years, then another 18-24 months to form the first pearl, then repeat the same process for the next harvest. 1 Oyster can only produce 1 Pearl at a time, in their lifetime they can produce 2-3 times before they “retire” and become Broodstock to hatch next generation of baby oysters. The common size of South Sea Pearls are 8mm-14mm, nowadays 15mm and above are considered rare, though sometimes it can produces up to 20mm but it is extremely rare. Similar like human or any living beings, when the oyster become older it has lower productivity and harder to form good quality pearl. Thus making high quality pearls scarce.

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