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Thendy & Stella's Wedding Day (Part I: Bound by Love)
oleh Reynaldi Bunjamin

Diperbarui pada 24 Februari 2023, Jakarta

It was 4 AM in the morning where the birds haven't sing their songs yet, nothing but us to play our instruments of memories; capturing the most beautiful scene I've ever seen. Imagine Pompeii before it was washed out; beautiful and eternal (and this has the same feeling). Wrapped in white courtesy of Jean Tirtamarta with embroidered veil feels like eternity came into reality, like names written in the stars, it was meant to be. This morning preparation feels special from a perspective, to have known the complete story of Thendy & Stella; a long distance relationship came into fruition, and time is of the essence. Back and forth with such limited time at their hands, to arrange and to endure, and finally came the day. These are the most favourite pictures I've taken and cherish, in commemorating these feelings of laughter and freedom for being together.

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