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Event Interactive Service
oleh Raxic Solution

Diperbarui pada 18 Juli 2019, kuala lumpur

The event interactive is allow the guests who participate on the wedding feast can share their blessing messages and photos with the couple. Our service can make full use of every moment of the wedding. We can create a wedding full of blessing, joy and warmth. The package price only RM 1,599 - Event Interactive Service - Instruction Card*Guest Table - Free softcopy download - 2 Working Crew Below are some service details: 1) We will examine and filter out all negative messages and photos before post out on the screen. 2) We will put instruction card on each table, and will go each table teach the guest how to use our services and help the guest to take photo and write blessing. We also will communicate with emcee, ask him to call the guest upload photos and blessings. 3) We will provide beautiful animation background for some moments(March In, Cake Cutting, Champagne Pouring or others). This system do not required to download any apps, guests can connect to the free wifi we are provided (any devices which supported wifi connection), without using any mobile data, it is very easy to shares the messages and photos! Our service will start from wedding beginning to end.

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