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oleh Posy & Poetry

Diperbarui pada 17 Desember 2019, Surabaya

SOLEIL Soleil is if Ciel & Iris had a baby. It is a hybrid of Robe and Loungewear. Soleil will be your cute companion during your me-time (having your sheet-mask on, watching Netflix and chilling; as well as your evening with your gals. If you are on your Staycation, Soleil will also fits you perfectly; So you and your gals will always look cute in the photos! The plus point is our materials are all premium so don’t worry, you and your gals will be still comfortable during all the activities. & For you that still not sure of your Bridesmaid Outfit, Soleil can also be worn during your Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party and even in the Morning Preparation! We can help you with the embroidery and you & your gals are good to go!

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