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Unexpected encounter
oleh Pixelicious

Diperbarui pada 29 Agustus 2017, Ottawa

Brides tend to follow a similar thought process when it comes planning a wedding: pick a date, choose a venue, select a caterer, say yes to the dress and start shopping for shoes. The good news is that this formula tends to work surprisingly well for the majority of the weddings. The bad news is that somewhere (really far) down the list, there’s the photographer. When Bora first contacted me, she asked for my availability on a date in which I was already booked. Naturally, I had to decline. Then Bora said that the date can be changed, that alone made me really confused. So what about the venue? I was told that since the date isn’t decided yet, our bride couldn’t confirm the venue and that if things get complicated, she would simply get married at home… To me, this is beyond insane because I have never heard of a bride who is willing to compromise her date or location of choice to accommodate a photographer. My sole existence is to serve the bride, never the other way around! After looking at four different dates… I still hesitated because her date immediately followed another large wedding. I have this unwritten rule where I would purposely avoid back-to-back weddings because one is already exhausting enough. It would be unfair to my clients should they not have my 100% commitment and dedication so I simply avoid such situations. While trying to explain the circumstances, Bora revealed to me that her entire family would be flying from South Korea and they are all waiting to book their plane tickets. Her sincere, soft-spoken voice really made my heart cry and at that point, I couldn’t think of any reason to decline anymore. Not only did I say yes, I assured Bora that I will be providing 120% of my effort for her wedding day. This celebration stood out in so many ways. In addition to Bora’s family from South Korea, she also donned the breathtaking Hanbok (Korean traditional gown). The imposing cut of the fabric and the vibrant colors provided stark contrast to her already-fabulous white dress. Despite Bora and Marc’s attempt to keep everything simple, it was anything but ordinary. Capturing memorable moments was the easy part, choosing which ones to feature turned out to be the challenge.

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