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Soaring wings
oleh Pixelicious

Diperbarui pada 29 Agustus 2017, Ottawa

Checking my physical mailbox has become rather uninspiring in recent years. I still remember the day when I discovered Caitlin’s invitation card, sandwiched between the usual stack of invoices and ads. With such exquisite design and watermark, I immediately tossed everything else into the trash bin so I can read the delicate handwritten note. It is not like I needed to confirm my attendance, yours truly happened to be the photographer so I am not missing this for anything. Somehow Caitlin saw me differently, as someone who is among the guests for her wedding so I feel grateful and I won’t let such kind gestures go unnoticed. In addition to the invitation, our lovely bride also sent me an extensive list of photos she would like to have. Ah yes… The intimidating spreadsheet that we are all afraid of. I told Caitlin that I can’t stop everyone every few minutes to check off a specific shot so we agreed to scratch that idea. However, she insisted on having one with Opa, in which I was delighted to comply. So we continue our story precisely where we left off last time with Caitlin and Russ’ engagement photos. I was once again invited to the family’s beautiful cottage just outside of Perth, now walking in with a carte blanche to do things my way. Describing Caitlin’s preparation photos as “emotionally intense” would be an understatement. Each time I hand her a new tissue, she would return it completely soaked. At some point I said to myself that this doesn’t look right. After all, how will I be able to tell everyone that I managed to make Caitlin cry in every room we walked into if she kept wiping off her tears? When it was finally Opa’s turn, I asked him to grab Caitlin’s hands to allow her tears fall helplessly on both cheeks. Having my bride subject to such emotional distress may sound cruel but it is also in these moments where their bond is revealed. In this case, it was simply undeniable. Despite Caitlin’s captivating presence, the truth is that I had my eyes on her stunningly light and airy veil the entire day, which covered the entire body. To those who know her height, this just means REALLY long! Yet, she managed to move freely with incredible elegance and grace under the blazing sun, as if our bride gained a pair of wings and started to soar.

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