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Jason and Argen - A Wedding in Batanes
oleh Phoeben Teocson Videography

Diperbarui pada 19 November 2017

It has been a while since that scene-stealing Batanes wedding of Argentina and Jason and yet the words escapes my thoughts about how I feel. Surreal, perhaps, may just very well be the most appropriate but somehow still it won’t suffice to describe how our whole Batanes wedding experience really was. We’ve been to the most exotic places on earth filming the most magnificent wedding films and among the best that we have witnessed is the one we filmed right here at home! We stayed with most of the weddings guests in a villa 20 minutes away from Fundacion Pacita. The reception program was short and at about 8 PM most of the guests are back to their rooms. Us being required to book the earliest flight out the next day, we decided to have some beer at the pizza place where the couple had their welcome dinner. Unfortunately, they were closed for the weekend so we headed and settled on ordering our drinks from our villa’s canteen. Internet connection let alone cellular signal was almost non-existent but for me personally, it was why i long to back to Batanes even more. I can’t remember the last time I had that great conversation with that many people in one table. We were laughing so hard talking about the same Batanes wedding we were all witness to ending each other’s train of thought with the silliest and most unlikely punchlines like we’ve known each other for years. Jason & Argentina’s Batanes wedding is beautiful not only because of the jaw-dropping scenery but also because of the couple’s story about how the whole thing came to be. We are very blessed to be a part of it and even more happy because Argen was referred to us by none other than her sister whose wedding in Boracay we covered a few years ago. =) As of the writing, we are commissioned to return there for another wedding for next year and I can’t wait to be back. I have a lot more shots in my mind to take and make and just the thought of it makes me giddy! Enjoy our first Batanes wedding SDE!

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