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Henry & Felicia
oleh Peurle

Diperbarui pada 26 Juni 2024, Bali

The wedding of Henry and Felicia at Phalosa Villa in Batu Belig, Bali, was a harmonious blend of modern elegance and traditional charm, set against the backdrop of the villa's panoramic views of the ocean. The venue, with its open spaces and minimalistic architecture, offered a canvas of serenity that contrasted beautifully with the vibrant festivities. The ceremony was held as the golden sun cast its warm glow, illuminating the couple and their guests with a soft, ethereal light. Felicia, the bride, was a vision in her flowing white gown, embellished with delicate lace detailing that evoked a sense of timeless romance. Henry, the groom, complemented her in a sharp, classic blue tuxedo that echoed the colors of the sea and sky. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were stylishly attired in complementary shades, adding to the cohesive aesthetic of the wedding party. The decor was a tasteful mix of rustic chic and tropical elegance. Floral arrangements in hues of soft pinks, creamy whites, and subtle greens adorned the space, creating an ambiance of understated luxury. Tables were set with fine crystal, gold accents, and candlelight that flickered and danced as the evening progressed, reflecting off the villa's polished surfaces to cast a dreamlike spell over the celebration. As night fell, the celebration transitioned into a wonderland of lights under the stars. Strings of fairy lights twinkled above, while the gentle flicker of torches and the soft glow of lanterns added a warm luminosity to the night. The culmination of the evening was a spectacular firework display, which lit up the night sky, symbolizing the bright future awaiting Henry and Felicia, a fitting end to a day that was as enchanting as it was memorable.

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