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Retro Booth
oleh OMG! Photo Booth

Diperbarui pada 11 Mei 2020, Bucharest (Bucuresti)

Do you want the fun to be total and visible? Then Vintage Open Photo Booth (RETRO Booth) is what you are looking for. Here laughter and joy will attract the attention of any guest no matter how connected they are to the mobile phone :). It's more of a photo corner than a photo booth or open booth. Cozy and easy to place due to its small size, OMG! Photo Booth RETRO integrates easily in any location, no matter how small or demanding. The backgrounds used to take photos with the photo booth can be printed, plain colors, sequins or floral panels. The famous green screen (chroma key) that can teleport you anywhere. You can also use the background of the location or another background rented or produced by you. OMG! The photo booth is suitable for any type of wedding, christening, corporate party or anniversary event, product launch or brand promotion. We honor events with a photo booth in Bucharest but also in the rest of the cities in the country.

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