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Felix & Hanna Wedding

Diperbarui pada 08 April 2019, Jakarta

“When people ask how Felix and Hanna met, they would always say that it sounds like the beginning of a Korean romantic drama because it sounds so magical and meant to be. They met by coincidence when they were pursuing their studies in Melbourne, Australia. With a little help from Hanna's best friend slash match-maker, their romance started and bloomed, they ended up dating for 4.5 years. But the magic, the spark we often see in movies that they have didn't stop on the day they met. As their love grew, the magic grows with it. And everyone could see that magic at the climax of their love story on Felix and Hanna's wedding day. During their vows, there were no dry eyes in the room, their love for each other moves the hearts of the people around them. Holding back tears they made a sacred promise to one another to always have and to lovingly hold. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was honored to have captured their intimate and magical moment. Knowing their sweet little story of how they met, knowing their strength and willingness to grow according to God's plan made the wedding day even more special, and I am so grateful to have been a small part of it.” - Donatus Ariel

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