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Danny & Nanette PreWedding

Diperbarui pada 29 Oktober 2018

During our first meeting discussing the concept of their pre-wedding in the studio, I asked Danny and Nanette about how they met. It turns out that they met at Union Café, one of the most well-known cafés in Jakarta. Therefore, the concept of their pre-wedding photoshoot is set with a semi-café background. The most memorable about them is that they were very detailed and thorough about their pre-wedding starting from the location, outfit, makeup, even the ornaments. Danny works in an office while Nanette is a teacher. They have a very tight schedule and yet they were able to spare some time to prepare for their pre-wedding. They put a lot of effort into this photoshoot, and therefore, I gave my all as well in this photoshoot to capture the best pictures to meet their expectation. When I took pictures of them, they were very awkward and nervous on their poses. I tried to break the ice by talking to them and joking around so that they can be more relaxed. When our stylist Sylvia, gave directions for their pose, they felt awkward with their poses. I was able to get great shots thanks to their love for each other. The funniest and the most memorable moment is when I asked them to re-enact the moment when the two of them first met at Union Café during the photoshoot session. It really was quite awkward that it’s funny. I wish you guys a lifetime of love and happiness. Hopefully, you like the pictures and hold dear to them and everything sails smoothly. -- Indra Wijaya

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