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Albert & Jennifer PreWedding

Diperbarui pada 29 Oktober 2018, Melbourne

"Albert and Jen went to the same middle school, with Albert being Jen’s senior. Since then, they have been in contact with each other. He started to grow affection towards Jen during high school. However, they took a different path. Albert moved to the US while Jen moved to Melbourne for university and work. They even had their on and off in their relationship. They sort of went their separate ways as they had their own life to live, and Albert kept on finding a way to stay in touch with Jen. It was 2014, and they finally met each other again for the first time in a while. At that time, Jen was having a medical condition on her leg. They met each other again during a retreat and they talked, and Albert kept on being by her side. When Albert traveled around the world, he kept on sending Jen postcards from around the world even though Jen said that she had no idea of what’s going to happen after the surgery. Albert promised to always love her regardless of her condition, even though Jen still wasn’t sure about how she felt about him. In 2016, Jen was going to have a surgery, and Albert flew back from the US and brought her board games and fruits to cheer her up and tried to calm her down before the surgery. At that time, Albert said, “That’s what good friends will do,” and that’s the moment when Jen actually fell for him. There is no one in his right mind would go back all the way to Jakarta from the US if it’s not for love. Henceforth, they have been together and planned to get married in 2018. If there’s one word that describes them the best, it would be “loveable”. Albert and Jen love to joke around a lot, fun to talk to, and they share a lot of their love and life experiences. They were able to spare some time to prepare for their pre-wedding photoshoot, even though they were in different places. That’s a prime example of teamwork and cooperation in a relationship. Capturing pictures of them couldn’t get any more fun. We spent two days for the photoshoot: one day in Melbourne, and the other day at the outskirt of Melbourne around Daylesford. Even though it was very windy in Melbourne, the photoshoot went quite well. To make the trip even better, we had a road trip to Daylesford and we talked a lot when we were on the way, allowing me to know more about them. We even made a stop and explored a lot of spots on our way to Daylesford, because they are just too good to be missed. The most memorable moment is when it was drizzling while we were in Daylesford. We waited in the car for the rain to subside, and get back to take photos, only to be greeted with rain again, and we had to get back in the car. Even so, we had a lot of fun and it was very enjoyable to take pictures of them. To Albert and Jen, thank you for trusting me. Hope everything goes well, and all the best for you two!” - Indra Wijaya

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