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Albert & Elisse PreWedding

Diperbarui pada 26 November 2018, Bali

Albert and Elisse are an admirable couple. They spent most of their relationship in a long-distance relationship, and there aren't that many people that could last until marriage. They really are an amazing couple. When I first met her, I could immediately tell that Elisse is an extremely kind person. It's probably due to her occupation in the education development field, which requires her to be humble and friendly. On the other hand, Albert seemed to have a quite stiff personality, but once I got to know him in Bali, it turns out that he is otherwise. Taking pictures of them was also effortless. It felt so enjoyable that the whole trip felt like a very enjoyable trip with friends. The most memorable moment is when Elisse booked a big room each for the team. Elisse always tries to deliver the best to others. It's like her love language is her act of service. She would always make sure that we were comfortable. They're definitely the best. See you on your big day, Albert and Elisse! Let's keep in touch, and thank you so much for putting your trust on me to capture your moments! -Benny Lim

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