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Our Health & Safety Precautions
oleh Nikki Liem MUA

Diperbarui pada 12 Juli 2020

Dear valued clients, We practice high HYGIENE and SAFETY STANDARD even before the pandemic, and now we've raised the bar to ensure your safety. Kindly note that these include: - MUA and team wear protective gears (masks and face shields), wear simple clothing, and no jeweleries and accessories to reduce unecessary contact and risk of transmit. - All tools and supplies are double disinfected with disinfectant and UV-C light prior to service for each client. - 1 sterilised tool kit for each client. - Usage of disposable spoolies and applicator. no double dipping. - MUA and team practice high standard of good hygiene habit and sanitise everything from arrival, during, and post service, specially before and after direct contact with client. Kindly contact us if you have any questions.

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