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Joff & Alda The Wedding
oleh Namasa Portraire

Diperbarui pada 12 Januari 2020, Bali

From what I know from them, they met in Singapore at a trade show. Both Alda and Joff are in the furniture business, at that time Alda was in Singapore helping her uncle sell and exhibit reclaimed teak from his factory in Jogjakarta, and Joff was there buying for his import business to the US. Joffrey said he was struck by Alda’s incredible beauty and the poise of her gait. A loud voice in Joff’s head told him that he had to meet that gorgeous girl. With his pounding heart and some strategic positioning, Joff staked out a booth hoping to catch another glimpse of her. At that time it’s more than enough for him to looked her in the eye and see she wasn’t wear a ring and asked how it’s possible that she wasn’t married. I cannot say that I ultimately believe at love at first sight. What I do believe in is that there are certain people who have chemistry between them. That’s what I see when I help them document their wedding day in Bali last December. You can definitely see how their eyes speak the language of love. The warm souls of Joff meet the flame and burning souls of Alda made the Bali’s air feel warm together with the warm smiles and happiness from their closest friends and family. Let me keep out my words now and let you see yourself about what I’m talking about through the photographs.

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