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Wedding Sign
oleh Mr & Mrs Signs

Diperbarui pada 18 Agustus 2015, Cedar Park

WHO WE ARE – Are you looking for a unique sign to catch the attention of everyone in attendance at you event? Look no further! Our families designed this gorgeous lighted sign that was the talk of the event and we have been getting compliments on it ever since. It was such a huge hit, we decided that we should offer our signs to the public so everyone can light up the night! Our signs are great for after your event as well. You can hang it in your patio, over your fireplace, bedroom, etc. adding that personalized touch. Our signs are uniquely created and made to order so you can have them say whatever you would like, just email us for your custom order! They come mounted as one piece or two pieces (depending on length of the sign) with hanging hooks. This makes it easier as you just have to hang it up at your venue and plug it in. Other stores mount lights on the inside of the letters, our lights are mounted on the front side to give the letters and sign a bolder look that we think you will absolutely love! We are a family company and do not have a store listed with hundreds of items but are focused on one, and we do so with pride! We are excited to be a part of your event. Contact us today to get started! - Mr & Mrs PRODUCT DETAILS – LETTERS – Metal Letters – we do not carry Q, U, X, or Z. Each Letter is approximately “14.5W” “2D” 20L” Our standard MR&MRS base sign is approximately “90W” “2D” “20L” LIGHTS - The sockets are UL Listed & ideal for general indoor/outdoor lighting applications! The updated design makes these lights more energy-efficient. It comes with 5-Watt clear globe bulbs. These items are shipped separate to avoid damage. Mounting – Please let us know in the comments section where you will be using your sign at a wedding, graduation, reunion, etc. so we can figure out the best option for your sign to hang. PRICING – Please contact us for custom orders and pricing. Pricing depends on what you want. $150 USD per Letter REFUND POLICY – Once an order is processed and materials are ordered there are no refunds.

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