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Andika & Julia's Wedding
oleh Moonaé

Diperbarui pada 30 Juni 2021, Bali

On Andika & Julia's special day, Moonaé contributed by created sixty beautiful candles with a simple touch of dried flowers arrangement on the top of the candle. As their request on their special day in Bali, we made three scents for Andika & Julia's relatives to cherish their beautiful wedding in Bali. First, Indian Sandalwood represents their intimate and exotic wedding in Pulau Dewata due to the small-medium wedding reception. Second, Jasmine symbolizes the love and respect in their marriage. Lastly, to reveals the purity and elegance of their wedding, We made Lavender scents. Moonaé pays attention to Andika & Julia's request for their special day. We acknowledge how they want everything simple yet, sophisticated and that's why we chose to bring Hydrangea to portray the beauty of modesty. On the other hand, We desire gratitude for everyone who has come to Andika & Julia's special day and celebrate it with them. A touch of sea lavender as the remembrance of Andika & Julia's beautiful day. Moonaé was flattered to be part of Andika & Julia's beautiful special day. We made sure that every detail went perfectly to achieve their perfect wedding in Bali. We wish the love in your married life always grows. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Andika & Julia.

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