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Wedding Ring Collaboration
oleh Mondial

Diperbarui pada 03 November 2019, Jakarta

Elemental Collection is an exclusive collaboration between Miss Mondial and Tex Saverio that is inspired by natural elements in the world. This concept is carried by bringing natural element philosophies that are always balancing and giving harmony in life, or being the constructive base for life. Elemental collection has its root in Ayurveda philosophy that carries 5 natural elements and joined with modern and dynamic designs, showing the fusion between east meets west in the piece. Elemental collection by Miss Mondial and Tex Saverio consists of 5 series, they are: Earth Series, Water Series, Fire Series, Wind Series, and Ethal Series.

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Jewelry : Miss Mondial Plaza Indonesia , Miss Mondial Kelapa Gading Mall , Mondial

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