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Yang & Jess Embrace Life Changing Moments -Director Cut
oleh Momentous Motion Pictures

Diperbarui pada 03 Maret 2019, Kseena House

"When Jess was born, I formed a picture about Jess. Because apart from the doctor I was the first one to hold her in the hospital. So every time I think of Jess, I think of the picture when she was born. I formed the picture when she went to school, when she in the college...And so today there is a fresh picture in my mind, just walking her down the aisle, that will be there forever." - by the father of the bride. When we saw Jess's father hold his tears when Jess served him the tea, and when he passed Jess's hand to Yang, we can feel the strongest father love to his beautiful daughter. However, like what Jess's father said, he is not losing a daughter, but gaining a son. Let's embrace and cherish every beautiful life changing moments! Wedding Film by : Momentous Motion Pictures Photograph by : Twins photography Location : K'seena house

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