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Diperbarui pada 20 Agustus 2020, Bergamo

The vintage armchairs and the carpets, the moss and the wild flowers of all colors were to create a fairytale atmosphere of the shooting. When the Villa Pesenti Agliardi owners contacted us to propose their location we were very intrigued to visit it. Love at first sight, nice people, beautiful spaces, magic atmosphere, it was impossibile not to arrange immediately an inspiration shooting! And so the project started, with a foreign photographer, Tu Nguyen, our dearest friend with whom we work a lot. The Villa Pesenti Agliardi is inserted in a beautiful village just outside of Bergamo. Its immense and marvellous park dotted with some small but strong decadent and reminiscent architectures is perfect for an informal and carefree setting. Thanks an amazing sunny day and the nature that forcefully called a very American wild style, among the high grass and woods was born this Boho inspiration shoot. It looked like an informal wedding with spontaneous floral decor in a classic small temple. The herbs and the flowers of all colors looked like coming out of the stones. The bride with the flounces and light laces dress of a slightly gipsy-style in contrast to a long classic veil with a small crown of mixed flowers seemed like a Madonna! The groom was perfect in gipsy and hipster style suit of warm brown tones made for him by May Faber. The flowers of all kinds, the colorful Aster, Peony, green branches were coming up from the picturesque architectures. An old velvet armchair and the carpets in the more traditional gipsy image, a nice bordeaux table, the laces, the moss, the colorful and spying dishes, so much freedom and freshness! A wonderful couple, just elegant surrounded by the magic nature of the villa!

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