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Marini Brooch Bouquets
oleh Marini Bouquets

Diperbarui pada 18 Oktober 2015, Sofia

Marini Bouquets is a designer boutique for hand made bridal bouquets. Our flowers are the perfect gift also for birthday party, anniversary, bridal shower, Mother's Day, St. Valentine's Day and every special occasion you have in your life. Our bouquets are made from satin, lace, brooches, pearls, cristals and of course your fantasy and personal wishes. We can combine in your bouquet the colours and elements you like the most. To personalize your bouquet you can put for you a special symbol, that belonged to your grandmother, a friend or you took from an interesting destination. Your bouquet will last forever and you can always take it in your hand and remember the special moment. You won't spend money on flowers you will throw in the trash the next day. This is also the ecological message of the bouquets - to keep our memories by keeping the nature!

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