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The Enchanting Sundanese Wedding of Sabila & Ardieles
oleh Le Motion

Diperbarui pada 05 Juni 2018, Jakarta

It was unbelievably surprising for us, Le' Motion, when Ila & Dieles contacted and chose us to be their wedding documentation team. We felt truly honored by their decision, for the fact that Ila is also a professional photographer and graphic designer. This made the whole documentation process more challenging for us to meet the expectations and present them with the best result. The procession of the wedding adopted the Sundanese custom, for instance, it started with the Al Qur'an Recitation, which went very dignified. Ila wore a long dress paired with a mint blue hijab during this. Both Ila & Dieles went through an emotional yet beautiful and very touching moment when asking for their parents' blessings for the upcoming marriage the next day. After the Al Quran is recited, it continued with the Siraman ritual. During this, Ila was dressed in a flowery baby pink Kebaya that harmonized perfectly with decoration created by Azka Anggun Art, which was indeed floral-themed with dominant touches of pastel pink and purple. The last part of the ceremony is the unique Ngeuyeuk Seureuh (Sundanese traditional and cultural ritual). Ila was wrapped in a lilac Kebaya, while Dieles wore a soft grey Javanese Beskap. This ritual was led by Sanggar Ekayana as the enforcer of the custom. The ritual went very lively and merry, like a fun short course for the bride and groom to prepare for their roles in the married life. Akad Nikah, or the official wedding ceremony, was up the next day. Ila looked naturally stunning as she asked her father's consent to marry her with the man she chose, Dieles. Ila seemed to have shed a few tears longing for the fact that she will be devoted to her husband first before her parents. After the consent and blessing had been given, the Ijab Qabul began. It then followed by few more series of Sundanese cultural wedding rituals, such as Meuleum Harupat (Membakar Harupat), Nincak Endog (Menginjak Telur), Huap Lingkung (Suapan), and lastly, Pabetot Bakakak (Menarik Ayam Bakar). Finally, when the reception was held, there was so much joy in the air and no one looked quite as happy as Ila & Dieles on their wedding day. The wedding went undeniably elegant and beautiful with the newly married couple wrapped in a peachy pink Kebaya and pearl white Javanese Beskap, paired with Batik for their bottoms. Le' Motion would like to once again congratulate Sabilla & Dieles on your big day! Wishing you two a love that grows year after year and a lifetime after xx List Vendor : Venue: @royalkuningan Organized: @narabudaya Decor: @azkaanggunart Entertainment: @voyage.entertainment Siger & Adat: @gse_ekayana MUA: @marlenehariman

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