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Lavalen Skin Body Hair Aesthetics

Diperbarui pada 05 Mei 2020, Jakarta

DIFFERENT YET FAMILIAR In July 1992 our journey started as a global beauty franchisee. Our dream was simple; to create an alternative for people to lose weight. Our methods do not involve eating pills, changing your diet or exercising. You can simply lose weight by lying down - who wouldn’t want that? Over the years we started evolving to provide not only body slimming treatments, but also skin, hair and aesthetic treatments for both men and women. After more than 27 years we decided to embark on a new journey of rebranding to LAVALEN. The “strength” and “health” embodied within our name “Valen”, inspires and drives us to provide the most expert, yet honest advice and solutions to meet your specific needs. We combine cutting-edge technology, natural therapies and ethically-safe product formulations which we source from all over the world, believing that good health necessitates a totally holistic approach (Real Beauty). At Lavalen, we understand that the beauty and health which our specialist teams of consultants, therapists and nutritionists help to achieve for you, is made possible by your inner strength to achieve only the best for yourself. And, we share with you, this journey of beauty, strength and health through our network of 28 Lavalen stores, many of which are full-serviced, one-stop skin, body and hair centres all across Indonesia. A LEADER IN SLIMMING TECHNOLOGY FOR OVER 27 YEARS At LAVALEN, we’re driven by innovation, powered by science, and inspired by you. Blending our slimming treatments with cutting- edge technology and experienced know-how, we help body types of all shapes and sizes attain a comfortable, natural and realistic look with little to no downtime.

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