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Engraving Memory Through The City of Melbourne
oleh Kinema Studios

Diperbarui pada 06 Januari 2020, Melbourne (Victoria)

The city was still in peace on that early morning, and the curtains of every room were still closed. But despite on the quietness outside and the closing curtains, there was certain room of a lady who was busy in preparation for her big day with her girls. The peeking sunrays through the curtains that were slightly opened were giving a sign that the time was nearly come. The time which always be a dream for every ladies, the time that will be her first and her last. Marriage is a next phase of everyone’s life, it’s a time of when you enter into someone’s life and otherwise, when two families were united into one bigger family. This special moment is become one of the turning point in life which often be celebrated to share the happiness with family and friends. Luxury and fancy things are often become the main focus of a wedding. Taking beauty shot in a fancy hotel is one of mandatory pictures to take before the ceremony. However, Desmond and Sherly broke that custom. Strolling around the bustling city of Melbourne was become their to do list before holding the ceremony. Dressed in a white wedding gown and walking on heels were not a problem for the bride as long as she was holding her groom’s hand. Walking and riding the tram were how they reach the destination, instead of driving in a luxury car. They were just enjoying each other, sharing laugh and happiness, even taking silly photos in photo booth on the street corner. They were just engraving memory in their own way through the city. Simple things that will become the most treasured moment in their life. Even in couple years later they will smile and laugh sharing the same memory while tracing that same route again and again. As simple as how they were making memories, the wedding ceremony were private and only for families and close friends. The moment will became intimate and more meaningful when it is shared with people whom you are close with. They know the story and that is how they will share the feeling too. Joyful and bliss were not only for Desmond and Sherly, but also for all the guests in the ceremony. Though Desmond and Sherly are comes from different country, Desmond is from Hong Kong and Sherly is from Indonesia, they share the same feeling about each other and same thought about their wedding. That it does not need to be luxury and filled with fancy things to be awesome, but as simple as the happy smile from the couple and guests they loved will do make it awesome and unforgettable.

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