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Winter, The Warmest Season of All (Andreas and Ennie's Prewedding)
oleh Kairos Works

Diperbarui pada 17 November 2017

If people were asked what is the most beautiful season of all ? The most common response would be Summer ! No doubt, because despite the holiday, for many summer means adventure. Enjoying the sun shine all day long, and a perfect time to enjoy the beach. Some will also say Spring because it means a renewal of life. Blooming flowers, a new born of animals, and also planting season. Spring is the perfect time to restart. Although it is a paradox, but for me winter is the most beautiful season of all. It's simply because during winter we spend more time with our family at home. Winter for me is the time where family gathers in front of the fireplace, having a cup of hot chocolate, and warming each other by having a nice conversation and giving each other a hug. This warmth that I'm talking about is exactly the same warmth we got from Andreas and Ennie. I remember that time, we just came back from Seoul and headed straight to Macau for their photo session. Honestly I am concerned about the weather because just a day before the session Ennie sent us a message telling us that it was very cold that day. At the time I remembered that we had already planned to have a night session where she had to wear a thin night gown and I instantly planned for a "Plan B". On the day of their session, we woke up earlier. Steven and me rushed to a "Pao Store" just across the street to buy some Paos for them, we also had already prepared thermos to warm them during the session. Not long after that, we met them at the hotel's lobby and they greeted us with a very big smile and told us that they were very excited. Even without they saying a word about it, I could see their excitement, and I said to myself, "who need a thermos and hot water? They will be fine and today is going to be a very great day!" The photo session itself was so exciting. They were a couple that never get bored to smile. In every picture we took that day, there are smiles and laughter. They enjoyed the session and so did us. I remember when we were walking to McDonald's to have dinner after the photo shoot at Nam Van pier, Ennie said "Guys, many of our friends who had done their prewedding photo session told me that we will need to prepare our stamina because theirs were exhausting, but I don't feel the same. We are still very excited." And believe it or not, they proved it. We finished our session that day at midnight and they were smiling until the last picture, the same smile that we had seen earlier that morning." And the "Plan B" had came to no use! Yeay!! This session with Andreas and Ennie is certainly a session that I will always remember. I will always remember how they enjoyed every session and not getting bothered by the cold and windy weather. I will always remember how they give the same sincere smile from the beginning until the end of the session. Once again love amazed us. What I learnt that day is that no matter what season we are in, love will always give you a reason to smile and to be joyful. And that winter never set me back from anything, because as long as you are with someone you love, winter will always be the warmest season of all. Lots of Love, Artha

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