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Austin and Jojo Love Found SDE
oleh Jepster Togle Films

Diperbarui pada 10 November 2017, Tagaytay

Austin is one of my highschool classmates back in the day. I consider him a great friend and seek advice from him sometimes since he was our Corps. Commander during C.A.T. So when he asked us regarding our work, we didn't even hesitate at all to offer them our services! Most of all, we had an awesome time during their Prenup session and most of all, their wedding day! A hundred things to find in life, but for some the hardest is love. But with Austin and Jojo, Love is found and it is a treasure to keep! Watch out for Austin's reaction as the doors open for Jojo. You'll truly feel that at that moment, Love is truly found! Music: Touch Her Heart by Marcus Neely

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