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Maru Antay-Roman
oleh Jefferson Si

Diperbarui pada 18 Juni 2018

“Hi Jeff! I would like to express my deep gratitude for making my dream wedding shoes come true. Like the glass slippers granted by the fairy godmother to Cinderella, your outstanding work of art has given me great confidence as I took my first step down the aisle and walked towards the bright future with my now-husband. I believe such moment is the most nerve-racking yet the most memorable event a bride will ever experience in her wedding. . Once again, thank you for being a part of my 'happily ever after'. Having you as one of my 'fairy godmothers' is a decision that I will always be proud of. More power to your future endeavors, and may you continue to fulfill other brides' dreams in their own 'happily ever afters'.” -Maru Antay-Roman . No one says it better than a #jeffersonsibrideherself. . 5in stilettos with 1.5in platforms in genuine silver metallic lambskin foil adorned with feather cutouts

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