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Kate & Marvin - Tirtha Uluwatu Bali Wedding

Diperbarui pada 29 Januari 2018, Bali

Kate is an online baker while Marvin works for an e-commerce company. One day, she was delivering a cake to her client’s house and Marvin happened to be there as well. She certainly piqued his interest which made him to find out more about her. He asked his friend about her and started contacting her. “Marvin was enquiring about my cakes in which he never bought one to this day”, joked Kate. What started as a baker-to-customer interactions, it grew into a daily conversations. After a while, Marvin asked Kate out for a dinner. Turns out, they have a lot of things in common; from the love of food and travelling, to sharing the same lame jokes. - Head to our blog to read their full adventure:

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