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Da Nang Intimate Wedding in Rain
oleh Hipster Wedding

Diperbarui pada 20 Februari 2020, Da Nang

Vietnam Wedding Photographer well captured the intimate wedding of Kelly & Kenny at Nam An Retreat, Da Nang. The wedding celebrated in December 2018. Da Nang (/(ˌ)dɑː, də ˈnæŋ, ˈnɑːŋ/ dah, də NANG, NAHNG;[3] Vietnamese: Đà Nẵng, [ɗâː nǎˀŋ] (About this sound listen)) is a class-1 municipality and the fifth largest city in Vietnam in terms of population.[4] On the coast of the East Sea at the mouth of the Han River, it is one of Vietnam's most important port cities. As one of the country's five direct-controlled municipalities, it is under the administration of the central government. Da Nang is the commercial and educational centre of Central Vietnam, as well as being the largest city in the region. In addition to its well-sheltered, easily accessible port, Da Nang's location on National Route 1A and the North-South Railway makes it a transport hub. It is within 100 km (62 mi) of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Imperial City of Hue, the Old Town of Hoi An, and the My Son ruins. The city was previously known as Cửa Hàn during early Đại Việt settlement, and as Tourane (or Turon) during French colonial rule. Before 1997, the city was part of Quang Nam-Da Nang Province. On 1 January 1997, Da Nang was separated from Quảng Nam Province to become one of four centrally controlled municipalities in Vietnam. Da Nang is designated as a first-class city and has a higher urbanization ratio than any of Vietnam's other provinces or centrally governed cities. December is a dry season in Danang, but there was a storm right after their wedding. So there was a cloudy, windy and rainy day before the wedding day. People say that rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last. The rains just stopped 5 minutes right before the ceremony, a perfect sign to start the new chapter. "Every cloud has a silver lining"

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Photography : Hipster Wedding
  • Venue : Nam An Retreat
  • Dress & Attire : Hermione de Paula
  • Wedding Planning : The Planners

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