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One of a kind wedding bands for both bride and groom
oleh Heritage Gems Singapore

Diperbarui pada 21 November 2017, Singapore

This is not your typical wedding bands. Showcasing “his-and-hers” steel-blue spinel and baby pink spinel rings. We call them the LifeBands. Born out of the idea of creating a simple, unique yet 100% wearable design on a daily basis, brainstorming with the couple, the wedding bands designs were eventually translated from paper to life. An apparently simple design is much harder to craft than one might imagine. The ladies’ ring, features an exquisite baby pink spinel that is seemingly suspended in mid-air and the gents’ ring has a bezel-set gorgeous steel-blue spinel. With minimal use of diamonds, but the main focus on the construction and curvature of gold work, we were able to create a stunning, unique yet very wearable style for the couple. Oftentimes, our clients’ feedback during the design-stage discussion is that they see something beautiful in-store, a unique design, but it is not something that they can see themselves wearing regularly or daily. Because it is so unique, it seems wearable only for that few occasions – thereafter, it becomes somewhat dated. And that was our mission for this pair of bands. For “life-wear”, it had to be unique yet wearable for the rest of their lives, something classy yet different. A stand-out in its own right.

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