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    What do your packages include?
    Our packages are particularly for videos only. We are consist of professional team who put details in video. We focus in videos.
    Do you still have other inquiries ?
    Please do visit our website : or drop us an email at:
    Apakah Anda menyediakan rekaman asli untuk klien?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada)
    Berapa banyak orang yang Anda miliki di tim untuk menangani satu acara pernikahan?
    Depending on the scale of the wedding, and the package picked up by client. We are open for special requirements.
    Do you charge overtime? If yes, how much per hour
    Basically, we do not charge overtime. Changes will be applied on particular case only.
    Apakah Anda bisa menyediakan layanan di kota atau negara lain?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Surabaya
    Bagaimana Anda mengarahkan pasangan saat Anda mengabadikan pernikahan mereka?
    I do not direct my clients during the D day, but I do give some suggestions about good angles/positions, and cheer them up so they wouldn't looks worry or too tense.
    How long does it take for the client to get the final video?
    Client would be able to get the final video within 2 months.
    Apakah Anda memiliki videografer pengganti jika berhalangan di hari H?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa lama sebelum hari H klien Anda harus menghubungi Anda?
    The most ideal time for clients to contact us is within 3-12 months before the wedding day
    What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
    It is depend on the occasions and project's agreement.
    Apa gaya videografi spesialisasi Anda?
    Sinematik, Dokumentasi, formulir singkat, Bercerita, Tradisional, Konseptual
    Bisakah Anda mengambil foto dan video di luar jam kerja?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Apa yang membuat layanan Anda unik?
    We consist of passionate people who serve the best for our clients. We have a lot experienced in cinematography, we learned to create creative concept based on client's story. Yes, its is very personalize.
    Is the client involved in the editing process? If so, how much input does the client have in editing?
    Yes. We are more than happy to assimilate client's ideas with ours. Client may have one time minor revise for final video.
    Apakah Anda punya teknologi, alat, atau teknik khusus?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa lama klien akan mendapatkan hasil akhir dari videonya?
    within 3 months from the D date
    Do you have a replacement videographer in case you become unavailable on the event day?
    Yes. Customer's satisfaction is our responsibility. We always check our schedules, and arrange the appointment earlier.
    Apa saja yang termasuk dalam paket Anda
    Video yang sudah diedit, Berbagai kamera, Beberapa videografer, Video yang diedit di hari yang sama
    Apakah klien harus membuat janji dahulu sebelum bertemu?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Harap sebutkan, jika ada, prestasi dan penghargaan bisnis Anda sebelumnya.
    We still have no achievements yet, since we just build HERD Production on 2011. We are professionals and passionate with our work, and we always ensure our clients get our best service.
    Do you give access to your raw footage?
    No. All copyrights and trademark is belong to HERD Production. We only deliver final result/edited video.
    Apakah Anda bisa mengedit dalam satu hari?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa tarif yang biasanya Anda kenakan?
    We charge depend on the package picked by the bride and additional tools/equipment needed for special requirements.
    Ruko Crystal 2 Serpong - Tangerang Mediterania Garden 1 - Jakarta Barat 11470

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