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Lucy and Syed Matrimony Ceremony
oleh Happy Bali Wedding

Diperbarui pada 31 Mei 2021, Balangan Cliff, Bali

This special day, 21 December 2020 brings together the sacred masculine and the divine feminine in total and equal unity, heralding the golden age of balance for all beings. Lucy and Syed decided to choose the island of Bali as the place to start the new journey together as Husband and Wife in good and hard time side by side. The Elopement wedding ceremony on the Balangan cliff surrounded by the ocean to be witnessed for both couples to tighten the knot. The ceremony was finished after a flower showers ceremony where the couple exited the venue. Photo and video shoot session at the beach and then continue during romantic dinner at the couple’s privacy villa stay at The Edge Uluwatu by talented photographer Gusde and team. Congratulations Lucy and Syed. We wish you both forever happiness and very best wishes for the future.

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